Daily Archives: February 28, 2014

Colonial House presents cookies to Youth and Family Services


Youth & Family Services Cookie Donation

One of the largest youth development programs in western South Dakota, YFS has grown to encompass seven programs that offer education, meals, health advocacy, counseling, parent enrichment, and prevention programs. In support of their efforts and the impact they have on our Black Hills community, we were happy to donate cookies to the YFS staff in February of 2013. It was an act done in kind that we hope was able to help out in a small way.

Jeff Slathar delivers freshly made cookies to the ladies of YFS.

Dunn Bros Coffee ‘ABC’ Event Raises $2,450 for Wilson Elementary School


Arts, Books, and Coffee

It was two weeks of ‘Arts, Books, and Coffee’. It was also a way to give back to the students of Wilson Elementary School. Dunn Bros’ ABC event, which ran from March 1st through March 15th, showcased a variety of artwork created by students of the local school. Patrons of the coffee house were able to bid on the vibrant projects, with 100% of proceeds going back to the school. Dunn Bros then matched the funds, for a grand total of $2,450.00. We look forward to the students and staff being able to enjoy this donation in their own educational endeavors.

Student artwork was displayed in Dunn Bros Coffee and available for bid.

Hero Week - Rapid City Firefighters


Hero Week

In remembering 9/11, the Colonial House “Hero Week” was created to honor those lost and pay tribute to the many who continue to defend our wonderful nation. It also serves as a time to exalt some of our community’s most heroic public defenders and raise money to donate to a good cause.

Past Emergency Response Professionals who have been honored during Hero Week include Officer McCandless, Officer Armstrong, and Officer Doyle of the Rapid City Police Department.

Throughout Hero Week the public is invited to make a donation to the Fallen Officers Memorial Fund at the Colonial House. No purchase necessary, no strings attached, and no pressure: just straight up good karma.

Remembering 9/11 and our local Emergency Response Professionals is beyond important. The Colonial House recognizes this and is standing up for all heroes, both locally and nationally with the help of our community. Honoring these fine men and women is just one more step to building a better society; a better America.