Daily Archives: May 11, 2015

Mother’s Day

This year honor and celebrate mom at the Colonial House Restaurant and Bar. Where moms can enjoy and relax with their families. For moms we will be offering an 8oz Filet Mignon hand cut by the owner, my pa. With the Filet you get choice of soup or salad and choice of potato. Mom’s also receive a complementary chocolate covered strawberry and complimentary champagne, or a mimosa depending on personal preference. It’s only the best for ma. Of course if Filet Mignon isn’t quite your thing we will be offering our full menu Sunday, May 10th. Open 7AM-9PM. Happy Mother’s Day ladies! You are strong, heroic, and fierce! And, if you are my ma know this, I love you to the moon and back.

ACF Academy Style Dinner and the Colonial Crew

Every year, usually in March, the Colonial House crew rustles up and heads down to Hill City’s Alpine Inn for a feast of several courses known as the American Culinary Federation Academy Style Dinner. It’s awesome. Professional chefs aid and teach younger up and comings how to prepare fine dining on a large course. And they do it to feed us…! And to get an education, sure, but mostly the experience is intended to put incredible food and delicious wines in my belly.
Every year we have gone tables of other companies, restaurants, and enthusiasts share their thoughts on the different courses we get to enjoy. Colonial House has a 1-10 rating system. 1 being – Blahh, (nothing has ever received a 1), and 10 being – blow your mind amazing. If you can’t make up your mind, let’s say between a 7 or an 8 you can always give the course a hard 7 or a soft 8.
This year there were several high scores given even from our new comers Rachael and David. It’s always fun getting the newbies addicted to the fine dining experience. The highest score this year, and you may say I’m being biased here, was our very own Jeff Slathar. He whipped together quite the dessert with a name over a dozen words long! His creation was a Raspberry cream cheese blintz trio, checkerboard shortbread, chocolate mousse on meringue disc, raspberry coulis.
Mmmmm good and that’s how you receive a 10 from the Colonial Crew. Runner up was the Roasted beet salad/blue cheese cream, pistachio, pickled daikon and pear vinaigrette. Truly, all the meals were outstanding making it very difficult to decide. If you ever get the chance to go I highly suggest you make arrangements to do it. It is highly worth it. And if you do go look for the Colonial Crew so we can show you how it’s done!

Community Education Cake Baking and Decorating Class 101

April 12, 2015

A cake baking and decorating class was held at the Colonial House Restaurant Sunday, April 12th 2015. Eight students signed up for the class through the Community Education of the Black Hills 730 E Watertown, Rapid City. Call early to book future classes (605-394-5120) as the fill up fast! Students were learning basic procedures in proper sifting mixing and baking of a rich, fudgy chocolate cake in a commercial kitchen setting. Chocolate was tempered for both the gnache filling and buttercream icing that would fill and ice the cake. Decorators icing, a blend of shortening and confectioners’ sugar, was made and used to pipe roses and leaves on top of our cake. Raspberry’s were pureed and strained to be combined with sugar, lemon juice and “Framboise” (raspberry liquor) to make a “Coulis”. Cream was heated and an egg yolk sugar mixture were whipped and then tempered with warm cream. This cream and egg mixture was heated to our magic number 185 degrees (“Napa” French, meaning to coat the back of a spoon.) thus creating our “Anglaise”. Chocolate was then warmed to a spreadable consistency, placed in a rolled up piece of parchment paper (producing a pastry bag) and decoratively piped on a white 10 inch plate. The two sauces, “Coulis” and “Anglaise” were decoratively placed and completed piece of cake finished the ensemble.

Attentive students relished this hand’s on class and chose to take their creation home, rather than eat it in class, as our 3 hour class ran into overtime! We hope to see you all this fall at our next class and thanks for doing the dishes and helping to clean up!

Academy Style dinner served by the American Culinary Federation Black Hills Chapter of Professional Chefs.

Our local chefs, members of the American Culinary Federation, Black Hills Chapter of Professional Chefs, sponsored their annual fundraising dinner March 29, 2015. The event was held at the Alpine Inn in Hill City. Tickets were sold for 100$ per person, these proceeds are used by the chapter for continuing education for chef members, regional and national conferences, scholarships for high school students wanting to enter the culinary profession, catering to our local girls club (Youth and Family Services) annual fundraising event “Diamond and Denim”, and our local Club for Boys. The mission of the American Culinary Federation is to encourage young people to enter the culinary profession and promote comradeship and professionalism among chefs.

The dinner consisted of seven courses paired with wine and seven chefs preparing them. Our 2 guest chefs Rob Grunendike and Pete Franklin are not current members but we are looking forward to them joining our association. Ben Venables, executive chef at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn presented the appetizers and acted as our Executive chef for the event. Johnson Brothers Wholesalers were responsible for the wine service and explanation of pairings. Rob Grunedike Executive Chef of Stonewalls coffee presented the Thai coconut soup with shrimp and lemongrass. Clark Braun, Executive Chef of the Alpine Inn, served the Halibut poached in oil with gribiche and poached egg. Pete Franklin, Executive chef of the Juniper, presented the roasted beet salad with bleu cheese/ pistachio & pear vinaigrette. Tyler Venables & Chris Stamps, sous Chef’s at the Holiday Plaza Inn, served the roasted duck breast with apricot and parsnip puree & blood orange vinaigrette. Josh Kranz, Instructor at the Mitchell Technical Culinary Academy along with his students, served Short ribs with sweet potato puree, demi glaze & horseradish foam. Jeff Slathar, Pastry Chef of the Colonial House, presented Raspberry cream cheese Blintz trio’s, checkerboard shortbread, chocolate truffle on meringue disc and raspberry coulis.

A number of students assisted and Joe Schaffer presided with announcements and managed the valuable wait staff.
Guests with surensifed appetites and favorable reviews, thanks to their support we continue to promote our culinary endeavors’!