Daily Archives: July 10, 2015

Brenden Oppelt

Brenden’s Rapid City High School advisor, Jane Oleary, called me last year asking if I would mentor a student who was interested in going to culinary school. We agreed and Brendon began working the 4 AM baking shift leaving at 7AM to make it to his school classes. This was a major effort for him, as not only did he arrive on time consistently for the schedule shift, but came early. O top of this he was riding his bicycle 2 miles one way, as he did not have a car. Recently he has fixed up one of his family’s older cars and is now driving to work.

Brendon is very polite, attentive and eager to learn and work. He has efficiently worked with a number of recipes, gathering all the ingredients, cooking and assembling them. He also does well at restocking all our ingredients at the end of the shift. Working clean and keeping our work area sanitized is another shared responsibility. I am really impressed with his work ethic and responsible behavior, which make for an excellent employee!

Brendon is graduating this month and will be going to Mitchell Technical College, attending their Culinary Arts program this summer. Colonial House presented him with a $300 scholarship check to be used towards his tuition from our “community dough donation fund”.We wish him well and hope he returns to Colonial House Restaurant for a waiting position in the bakery!