ACF Academy Style Dinner and the Colonial Crew

11 May  0 Articles

Every year, usually in March, the Colonial House crew rustles up and heads down to Hill City’s Alpine Inn for a feast of several courses known as the American Culinary Federation Academy Style Dinner. It’s awesome. Professional chefs aid and teach younger up and comings how to prepare fine dining on a large course. And they do it to feed us…! And to get an education, sure, but mostly the experience is intended to put incredible food and delicious wines in my belly.
Every year we have gone tables of other companies, restaurants, and enthusiasts share their thoughts on the different courses we get to enjoy. Colonial House has a 1-10 rating system. 1 being – Blahh, (nothing has ever received a 1), and 10 being – blow your mind amazing. If you can’t make up your mind, let’s say between a 7 or an 8 you can always give the course a hard 7 or a soft 8.
This year there were several high scores given even from our new comers Rachael and David. It’s always fun getting the newbies addicted to the fine dining experience. The highest score this year, and you may say I’m being biased here, was our very own Jeff Slathar. He whipped together quite the dessert with a name over a dozen words long! His creation was a Raspberry cream cheese blintz trio, checkerboard shortbread, chocolate mousse on meringue disc, raspberry coulis.
Mmmmm good and that’s how you receive a 10 from the Colonial Crew. Runner up was the Roasted beet salad/blue cheese cream, pistachio, pickled daikon and pear vinaigrette. Truly, all the meals were outstanding making it very difficult to decide. If you ever get the chance to go I highly suggest you make arrangements to do it. It is highly worth it. And if you do go look for the Colonial Crew so we can show you how it’s done!

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