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Progress Update: CH II

A breeze crept up on the edge of demolition while the sun was still deciding whether it was going to make an appearance from out of the clouds that morning. I had told my wife that our three month old boy, Hank, would need something warm in case it got cold out. She told me she had just the thing. Moments later he was returned to me dressed in a teddy bear outfit. So, three men, Kevin Beshara, Wes Harris, Max Beshara, and a baby dressed like a stuffed animal, Henry Danger Beshara, stood just outside of destruction and fall out. Right on the precipice to where the Colonial House is moving to, most commonly referred to as CH II. The excitement over the front end of the building being torn down had been built up for a period of a couple of weeks. Finally that day was upon us. Now, you may be asking, “Why would you be so excited to watch part of building get torn down?” And to that I would ask, “How the heck would you not be?” We four stood out in the blustery cool morning for about an hour until the owner of the construction company, Kristi Barber, told us, “It would be a little while yet. They had to make some more cuts.” Twenty plus years ago Kevin Beshara set up Kristi with his friend since childhood, Bill Barber. Kristi and Bill got married and run GBA Inc. together. After hearing of the postponement we boys packed up and went back to the original Colonial House were my sister and her two kids, Opal and Buck were waiting for us. We ordered oats, pancakes, and drank coffee to warm up. Grandma Vicky was running the till and would pop over here and there to hold one of the grandchildren and visit. “It’s time!” Someone cried out after reading a text message. Our party of three men and a baby was snowballing. Everyone wanted to be a part of the excitement now. Three men, two women, and three babies scarfed down what was left of breakfast and power walked down to CH II. None of us could bear the idea of missing any part of the action. Again, at the precipice of destruction, adults holding onto babies, watched with glee as a chunk of wall came tumbling down by the jaw of a large golden excavator! HOORAY! The thrill came out of us all at once. We waited for the excavator to throw another punch at the wall for a minute or so. And another minute. And then another minute. Kristi Barber came to our DE-construction cheerleading committee to let us know, “It would be a little while yet. They had to make some more cuts.” We waited a while. The wind picked up. Baby blankets flapped in the wind. No demolition. Noses got slightly runny. Then really runny. No demolition. Pieces of our demolition-viewing-crew started walking back to the original Colonial House to seek refuge from the wind until at last no one was left except Kristi Barber and the workers wearing neon green and hard hats. Not much later, after we had given up on waiting, the entire front end of CH II was on the ground. That just goes to show all good things come with time. Sometimes all you can do is wait.

Turkey Trot and Pies

The Black Hills Runners Club Turkey Trot is a fundraiser to support community youth running, running scholarships, and running camps. Items donated include running shoes and gear for youth, so they may participate in their local/school running programs. Any extra money collected, go toward purchases that benefit the fitness community, such as the new Race Clock.  The RaceClock is used by the entire western South Dakota running community (many, many races outside of the BHRC), other fitness user groups, schools and camps free of charge.

To help encourage our community to get out and “turkey trot,” Colonial House is doing their part by donating 360 pies. At the end of the race BHRC will hold a drawing for all contestants who participated to win one of the 360 pies!

So if you’re feeling up for a brisk jog and maybe winning a pie for your Thanksgiving Dinner, be sure to register! Registration is $15 per individual. You can register beforehand on or the day off, at 8am, at the Old Story Book Island Shelter. Don’t miss out on a great Thanksgiving morning event!

Black Hawk Elementary




Black Hawk Elementary Endowment Fund.

RAPID CITY (May 19TH, 2014) — On Wednesday, May 21st, the gymnasium of Black Hawk Elementary School was filled with excited students as they gathered to receive a $4,000 check from the Colonial House Restaurant and Bar.

Compliments of the restaurant’s 2013-2014 Endowment Fund, the decision to donate the money to Black Hawk Elementary was made after viewing a presentation by the students to the Colonial House staff about the Xylophone Program.

Presenting the check was Colonial House owner Kevin Beshara, along with his wife, Vicky Beshara and parents Bill and Sandy Beshara. Addressing the students, Kevin explained that “Our biggest mission at the Colonial House is to give back to the community, so we’re very excited to be able to do that today.”

The Colonial House Endowment Fund is raised through their “Civic Mondays” program, in which $2.00 is subtracted from guest checks when they wear a shirt bearing a local civic organization’s logo. The money is placed into the fund and matched by the Colonial House. Staff also contributes a portion of their tips toward the community oriented fund.

For more information on Colonial House’s ‘Community Dough’ Endowment Fund, visit

Certified Pastry Chef Jeff Slathar Teaches Croissant Class

Part of the Colonial House’s mission to give back comes in the form of community education. The restaurant is fortunate to have Certified Pastry Chef Jeff Slathar on staff, which results in sweets that are simply a slice above the rest. Slathar is also a self-proclaimed “teaching junkie” who is dedicated to sharing his love of baking within our community.


Jeff Slathar’s October 2012 Croissant Class.

No top secret recipes, just a passion for pastries. In October of 2012, Slathar taught a sold-out Croissant Class, just in time for the holiday season. Watch for more upcoming classes!
Jeff Slathar’s pupils listen intently during his October 2012 Croissant Class.

Colonial House Donates Cake to Love INC Dessert Auction


Love INC Dessert Auction

Love INC is a network of Christian churches working together to show God’s love by helping people in need. In November of 2012, Colonial House was happy to donate a cake for the organization’s annual Dessert Auction.
The event featured delicious treats of all types, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. A short program was included which highlighted the work of Love INC and the ways they are impacting those in need. Colonial House was proud to help an organization with a mission similar to their own.
The Colonial House donated a delicious cake to the Love INC Dessert Auction.

Horace Mann Elementary Receives $3,000 Community Dough Fund from Colonial House


Horace Mann Elementary Donation

On May 9th, 2012, the gymnasium of Rapid City’s Horace Mann Elementary School filled with excited students as they gathered to receive a $3,000 check from the Colonial House. Compliments of the 2011-2012 Community Dough Fund, the decision to donate the money to Horace Mann was made after reading letters written by the students.

The Community Dough Fund is raised through a “Civic Mondays” program, in which $2.00 is subtracted from guest checks when they wear a shirt bearing a local civic organization’s logo.

The money is placed into the fund and matched by the Colonial House. Staff also contributes a portion of their tips toward the fund.

The Beshara family was happy to present Horace Mann Elementary with a $3,000 donation check.

Colonial House presents cookies to Youth and Family Services


Youth & Family Services Cookie Donation

One of the largest youth development programs in western South Dakota, YFS has grown to encompass seven programs that offer education, meals, health advocacy, counseling, parent enrichment, and prevention programs. In support of their efforts and the impact they have on our Black Hills community, we were happy to donate cookies to the YFS staff in February of 2013. It was an act done in kind that we hope was able to help out in a small way.

Jeff Slathar delivers freshly made cookies to the ladies of YFS.

Dunn Bros Coffee ‘ABC’ Event Raises $2,450 for Wilson Elementary School


Arts, Books, and Coffee

It was two weeks of ‘Arts, Books, and Coffee’. It was also a way to give back to the students of Wilson Elementary School. Dunn Bros’ ABC event, which ran from March 1st through March 15th, showcased a variety of artwork created by students of the local school. Patrons of the coffee house were able to bid on the vibrant projects, with 100% of proceeds going back to the school. Dunn Bros then matched the funds, for a grand total of $2,450.00. We look forward to the students and staff being able to enjoy this donation in their own educational endeavors.

Student artwork was displayed in Dunn Bros Coffee and available for bid.

Hero Week - Rapid City Firefighters


Hero Week

In remembering 9/11, the Colonial House “Hero Week” was created to honor those lost and pay tribute to the many who continue to defend our wonderful nation. It also serves as a time to exalt some of our community’s most heroic public defenders and raise money to donate to a good cause.

Past Emergency Response Professionals who have been honored during Hero Week include Officer McCandless, Officer Armstrong, and Officer Doyle of the Rapid City Police Department.

Throughout Hero Week the public is invited to make a donation to the Fallen Officers Memorial Fund at the Colonial House. No purchase necessary, no strings attached, and no pressure: just straight up good karma.

Remembering 9/11 and our local Emergency Response Professionals is beyond important. The Colonial House recognizes this and is standing up for all heroes, both locally and nationally with the help of our community. Honoring these fine men and women is just one more step to building a better society; a better America.