Community Education Cake Baking and Decorating Class 101

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April 12, 2015

A cake baking and decorating class was held at the Colonial House Restaurant Sunday, April 12th 2015. Eight students signed up for the class through the Community Education of the Black Hills 730 E Watertown, Rapid City. Call early to book future classes (605-394-5120) as the fill up fast! Students were learning basic procedures in proper sifting mixing and baking of a rich, fudgy chocolate cake in a commercial kitchen setting. Chocolate was tempered for both the gnache filling and buttercream icing that would fill and ice the cake. Decorators icing, a blend of shortening and confectioners’ sugar, was made and used to pipe roses and leaves on top of our cake. Raspberry’s were pureed and strained to be combined with sugar, lemon juice and “Framboise” (raspberry liquor) to make a “Coulis”. Cream was heated and an egg yolk sugar mixture were whipped and then tempered with warm cream. This cream and egg mixture was heated to our magic number 185 degrees (“Napa” French, meaning to coat the back of a spoon.) thus creating our “Anglaise”. Chocolate was then warmed to a spreadable consistency, placed in a rolled up piece of parchment paper (producing a pastry bag) and decoratively piped on a white 10 inch plate. The two sauces, “Coulis” and “Anglaise” were decoratively placed and completed piece of cake finished the ensemble.

Attentive students relished this hand’s on class and chose to take their creation home, rather than eat it in class, as our 3 hour class ran into overtime! We hope to see you all this fall at our next class and thanks for doing the dishes and helping to clean up!

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