Meet the Barkeep, Dani Kuhl

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“When you turn 15 you come work for me,” Bob Beshara said to Sue’s doe eyed daughter. Sue Wherry served tables at the restaurant for 10 years! “Ok,” squeaked little Dani.

So on the day of her 15th birthday Dani came back to the Colonial House and filled out an application and Bob hired her on the spot. She started off bussing and eventually hosted with Nany at the till. Dani worked with us from 1990-94. She moved on and out into the world.

She spread her wings and felt the sun upon her cheek. Dani got married and had two adorable children. She worked here and there crafting cocktails and cracking open brewskies. But something burned deep.

She knew something was missing and she felt a yearning to return to the place that she had started. So, in March of 2015 she came back to us and we received her with open arms. Dani’s hard work ethic hadn’t waned and her ability to craft an amazing cocktail was much improved.

Dani put her hand to work revitalizing a dusty drink menu. Her finger prints are all over the rebirth of Colonial House cocktails. She’s raised the bar making drinks fresh, hand squeezed, with lots of love, and plenty of spirit.

Quite simply, her drink menu is a fantastic piece of art. If you haven’t recently been in to the bar at the Colonial House you’re missing out on one of the freshest, most talented, and dare I say cutest bar keeps in all of the Black Hills. Come in and say “Hi” to Dani, she’ll get you taken care of.

-Max Beshara

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