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Celebrating 10 Years at Colonial House


This month, CH employee Josh Reed will celebrate ten years with an establishment he describes as “the best environment you can ask for in a restaurant”. Josh has known the Beshara family for two decades, and started washing dishes for CH when he was just 14.

Double Diner Discount

Did you purchase a Double Diner Discount Card benefiting KOTA Care and Share food drive? Don’t forget to stop by the Colonial House to redeem a BOGO breakfast or appetizer and help support your local community food drive efforts!

Line of Fire Employee! – Rosa


Rosa has been with the company for, as she put it in her most wonderful accent, “two beautiful years”. When asked what she most likes to prepare food-wise her answer is “Everything! I can’t pick just one”.

Line of Fire Employee! – Annika


Annika has worked at the Colonial House for just under three years. She began her career as a busser and from there moved up the ranks to baker, candy maker, and then to her current position as host.

Line of Fire Employee! – T.Pep


Terry has been with the company for over six years. When asked what’s kept her here for that long she replied “Let’s put it this way, it’s the best job I’ve ever had and people really like what I do”.

Memoirs of a Cafe CH’s Guest of the Month


This month’s featured guests are Ron Warrick and his son, Kreg Warrick. Longtime guests, it’s always a pleasure to welcome them as close friends of the CHRNB family. A Rapid City resident since 1948, Ron recalls a very different establishment from the one it is today.

Assisting in a Time of Need


At the Colonial House, we are always grateful for the community support we’ve experienced throughout the years, particularly in our own times of need. When we heard that a friend and Black Hills Power and Light employee was injured, we wanted to return that spirit of generosity.

CH Chef to Participate in 7 Course Dinner

Certified Pastry Chef, Jeff Slathar will be among local chefs who are members of the American Culinary Federation preparing a 7 course meal later this month. Dinner will be held at the Alpine Inn in Hill City on the evening of March 25th.

Looking Ahead to Next Month

Don’t worry, the CH is here to help! This January, enjoy a breakfast that won’t break your bank. Ask about our ‘Cheap Charlie Breakfast’ features, only $6.99 or less. It’s all the exceptional quality and taste you’ve come to expect, at the Cheap Charlie Breakfast price.

Winter Dinner Features


Paula has been perfecting her recipes for our winter dinner features since she began at the Colonial House 23 years ago.