Recipe: Butterscotch Pie

There’s no better way to enjoy the winter than by grabbing a warm blanket and enjoying the tasty aroma of Butterscotch Pie in your kitchen.

Brown sugar 2 cups
Evaporated milk 3 cups
Yolks, egg 7 each
Vanilla 1 Tablespoon
Flour 5 Tablespoons
Cornstarch 5 Tablespoons
Butter 4 ounces
Whites, egg 7 each

Whisk yolks, 1 cup sugar, flour, starch & vanilla till smooth in a bowl. Place milk and 1 cup sugar in 5 quart kettle and bring to boil. Temper hot milk mixture with egg yolk mixture. Return mixture to the kettle and cook until thickened. Finish by stirring in butter until melted. Pour into baked pie shell and refrigerate.

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