Recipe: Chicken Salad Sandwich

2 ½ lbs.           Chicken Breast, cooked & diced
4 oz.               Celery, diced
4 oz.               Green Onion, sliced include tops
4 oz.               Red Pepper, diced
4 oz.               Almonds, toasted
8 oz.               Cream Cheese, softened
8 oz.               Mayonnaise
¼ tsp.              Seasoned Salt
¼ tsp.             White Pepper
¼ tsp.             Worcestershire Sauce

Line a croissant with leaf lettuce.
Scoop of chicken salad.
Place a generous portion of alfalfa sprouts on top of salad.
Cut sandwich in half.
Secure with frill picks, skewer olives for garnish.

A pickle fan can garnish plate.

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