Two Boozehounds and a Professional Wine Taster Knock Knees at the Bar

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wineeDeb (our wine saleswoman), Wes (CH Cook/Manager), and myself sat down and sampled some wine. We are updating the CH wine list so Deb gave us a little tour of her catalog. We landed three new wines so far. Here’s the takeaway of Two Boozehounds and a Professional Wine Taster:

Badger Mountain Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, Washington
Soft on the butter, heavy on the citrus notes. While swilling this vino it gives off a crispness and acidity that leaves little doubt it was fermented in stainless steel. Give me some melon layered with a little bit of lemon, all of which are organic. Did I mention that Badger Mountain makes 100% organic wine? CH will at long last be serving an all organic glass of wine, or make it a decanter. For the truly optimistic make it the whole bottle.

Prisma Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley Chile
Cool name, REALLY cool bottle. According to the description, this is a 100% Sauv Blanc. The green skinned grape shows through in the color of this wine. The classic grapefruit character is prominent paired with additional citrus notes. Flowery middle. Ends with a silky mouthfeel. I like this one, it’s going places. Particularly my belly!

Tinga Reserve Red Blend Claret, Colchagua Valley, Chile
First thing that Deb and Wes pointed out was nut on the nose. I always have a harder time picking up on that particular smell. They called it though. It reads, “hints of nutmeg.” The deep red hue, however, is misleading – this booze goes down too easy. It plays keys on the pallet baby! Light berry with some stone fruit thrown in for good measure. Yup, the description confirms it and calls for plum. We all agree this is a lighter red blend than what we are used to but that should not take anything away from this well-produced Chilean vino.

-Maxwell Beshara

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